The control centre of our emotions is located in the amygdala in the limbic system of the brain. To be able locate the limbic system let us use the hand model of the brain created by Dan Siegel, an expert in the field of Interpersonal Psychology.


Firstly imagine the part of your forearm coming to the wrist is as your spinal cord.


The bottom of your palm is the reptile brain which is also known as the life support system. If you have a stroke or car accident where the rest of your brain stops functioning, the reptile brain can keep you alive. This is where most of the autonomic nervous system is and it helps your organs function.


The mammalian brain which is also known as the limbic system, the middle brain is on top of the reptile brain. This part of the brain has many other sections but the main ones which are involved with emotions are the amygdala and the hippocampus.


On top of the limbic brain is the cerebral cortex which is the thinking cap of the brain. On the hand model this is represented by the fingers.This part of the brain is thicker in humans which is responsible for consciousness and cognition


At the front of the cerebral cortex is the prefrontal cortex which is located above your eyes. The particular part which is important for mindfulness and awareness is the medial prefrontal cortex which is right in the middle. There are studies that indicate this part of the brain is activated when we engage in mindfulness exercises. This helps to loosen our attachments with rumination, repetitive thoughts and negative thoughts of self.


When we engage in EFT, the amygdala is balanced and we are allowing our higher brain and the lower brain to communicate with each other. This enables us to focus on the present moment, soothe the flight fight mode which reduces stress by lowering our cortisol levels.


I offer both EFT and mindfulness. During my client sessions it is amazing when I see how both techniques work in action. When the amygdala is balanced and the medial prefrontal cortex is activated, one radiates peace being in that serene state. It is subtle yet very powerful.