EFT Session 


” I had received EFT treatment from Arty before and felt it would benefit me. I was hoping that some residual emotional traumas would be resolved. Also, these emotional issues may have contributed to physical issues I had been experiencing. For eg, discomfort in shoulders. I found the session emotional, not quite realising the depth the session would reach. But after I felt a lot lighter, like something had shifted. It was uplifting. Arty speaks with clarity and knowledge about both EFT and Bach treatments. Her professionalism is outstanding. I cannot speak more highly of Arty’s ability to listen and fully present during our sessions. I felt I could trust her with very personal issues because Arty has an innate ability to create a safe space for her client. “




Mindfulness Group Attendee

“I wanted an understanding of mindfulness and attended the online mindfulness cognitive therapy course.   It was a very interesting course, excellent reading material for homework. Easy to follow.  The practitioner’s knowledge and professionalism is 5 star.  Arty is very warm, clearly extremely knowledgeable and has a wonderful way of teaching with kindness and a sense of humour. The sessions exceeded my expectations.   Arty has a giving caring personality which permeates through the computer screen!“


Health Practitioner

EFT Session 



” About our EFT session, I can truthfully say that doing EFT with Arty Amarissa was a lovely and useful experience. At the end of our session, I felt relaxed, calm and centered. Being guided by you through our session was most helpful. As a bonus, I learned a tool that I can use daily for enhanced balance and well-being. Thank you!”


Counselling for Healing and Growth

Mindfulness Group Attendee




“I joined the online mindfulness based cognitive therapy to find strategies to manage challenges in life. I found the sessions very helpful.  Arty’s knowledge and professionalism was excellent. Her personality is very calming which enabled me to feel relaxed.  The sessions meet my expectations, thank you Arty. “





EFT Session 



“I booked the session because I was having some issues with work and home life. The session was absolutely wonderful- Arty is so kind and thoughtful she is really able to narrow down to the source of the issue. Arty is very professional with real care for the art of EFT and practical parts of client care. I felt that I was in good hands- Arty’s confidence and capability ensured I was confident of the results from the start and I was able to work on sensitive issues. After the session My issue was resolved and life went forward with more light and ease. Keep up the good work. Love your style.”


Sales Manage

Bach Flower Consultation 



“I booked the session to obtain the remedies as well as discuss how they could improve my emotional health. I found the session was excellent. Arty is very knowledgeable. Arty is warm, interested, non judgmental. Great result. The session is excellent no need for improvement.”




Bach Flower Consultation 



“The Bach flower remedies Arty recommended for my particular needs I felt really helped. I felt the tincture strengthened me. I can only describe it as if dots within were getting connected. It’s so hard to accurately describe subtle healing, but I felt like healing was happening within.” 



Bach Flower Consultation 


I found it surprising that the Bach Flower Remedy that Arty selected for me worked so quickly and effectively. After just a few days, on reflecting, I found that all my worries and concerns seem to have evaporated into thin air! Arty is so easy to talk to, and so accepting of anything one might say that along with her skill and experience, she was able to suggest the exact right combination of remedies. The emotions which can cause us such grief, and which can be so debilitating, I have found, thanks to Arty’s help, can be tamed and kept in their place with Bach Flower Remedies.

Dr Jan Ensum

Retired lecturer

Bach Flower Consultation

“To care for others is an act of love and compassion, I think. Arty is not just an excellent professional, she is also kind and sensitive to the needs of others.”


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