We constantly judge ourselves for our shortcomings and we wear different masks of our inner critic to hide and to protect ourselves from hurt and pain. Our inner critic is the manifestation of our innate impressions, conditioning, and environment. This inner critic’s voice can be reinforced positively throughout our life which can save us from danger and perils. Alternatively, if it is reinforced in a negative manner then this will be at our detriment in the long term. Our physical covering, the mask that we wear to appear in front of the world is a cover to hide the embodiment of our inner world. I am inviting you to safely remove this mask, put it on a side and unravel the real you. Are you ready?


Through creativity and collaboration, we can cultivate compassion and courage to identify our inner critic.  However first let us try and understand our inner critic. Generally, our inner critic may have two purposes. However, this does not constitute the real assessment of our personality. Rather it is a cover that we choose to protect ourselves from the overwhelm of pain and negative feelings.


  • Purpose one is to cover inadequacy – we may feel we are lacking in something or everything. The basis is feelings of shame, unloved, inferior and undesirable.
  • Purpose two is to cover fragility – we may feel week and excessively dependent on others for our happiness. The basis of this is fear, anxiety and self-pity.


There are main scenarios where we may hear our inner critic and accordingly choose to wear these different masks. Below is an explanation of our own inner chat, the voice that judges our relationship, career and parenting.



The mask that we choose to wear may be covering difficulties we encounter with our own personality so we may be over confident to the extent that we are aggressive because we are covering that really we are failure



We may be ignoring our partners, loved ones because we feel they are good for us so we must somehow be part of that play. Sometimes it is easy to be involved the self-fulfilling prophecy which we have created with our imagination due to an insignificant event that we have amplified.  



There are many insecurities that born in our relationship with work due the scarcity of our own minds. We may wear the mask of overly pleasing others to the extent of being subservient due to the fear of losing our job.



Our own childhood has such an important part to play in the parents we become. We may feel that we deserve to be stressed being parents because that is what we were used so. So we wear this mask of being overly busy when what we need is to take every moment as it comes with our children which is timeless.


There is a 21 program I’ve created to help you remove the mask of the inner critic gently with tender kindness, to empower to feel nurtured and nourished. If you want to find out more join me on Monday 15th June at 8pm via zoom on the link below or email me on info@positiveharmonypsychology.com