21 Days Program to Remove the Mask of the Inner Critic


21 days of Meditation


We often are self-critical about our own behavior and tend to be hard on ourselves. As it were not enough to be judged by others we tend to sit on judgment on ourselves. Whilst we may appear kind and compassionate towards others we usually adopt a harsher attitude towards ourselves. These are 21 days of meditation/visualisations and self-help tools based on acceptance commitment & compassionate therapy, emotional freedom technique, and other complementary therapies beginning on the 6th of July 2020. You can purchase this product now but you will have access to daily 21 days of techniques only from Monday 6th July 2020. As a bonus, the 21 days to Emotional Freedom Techqniue will also be included.

When you purchase the course you will immediately access two techniques included in the ‘Pausing to be Present and Kind’ product.


These 21 days of practices will help you

  • Feel calmer and present
  • Experience clarity in your cognition to make better decisions
  • Identify and be detached from your negative thoughts
  • Courage to work with your difficult emotions
  • Nurture inner confidence
  • Reframe the mental repetitive chatter into compassion and kindness
  • Learn techniques to live life moment to moment
  • Feel relaxed so you can get better sleep
  • Improve your focus and attention


Please note that there is no one to one during these 21 days. Please take full responsibility for your safety and wellbeing. It is not intended to replace any medical or psychological diagnosis nor to treat, cure, or prevent any medical or psychological condition.


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