Guided Gracefully Through Gratitude – Recorded webinar 15/06/2020


Guided Gracefully Through Gratitude


Recording of a quarterly event that took place 15th of June 2020 to use your innate strength and nature to navigate through life.

Gratitude is a quality that invokes a positive and resilient mindset to navigate through the ebbs and flows of life. This is key to maintain balance and bounce back to the present moment. Often our worries and concerns are anchored in the past or future. So this is an invitation for you to activate your soothing and contentment system through the practice of gratitude to envelope yourselves with peacefulness and quiescence.

This recording guides you to review what you have achieved in the past, any reflections, and future intentions. This is a gentle accountability opportunity to empower you to take responsibility of where you decide to place your attention. Please note that the recording does not contain the reflection of the participants which has been edited out to maintain privacy.

What is involved?

The session will weave in theory on gratitude and various soothing meditations/visualisation, intention setting, and relaxation techniques based on mindfulness, energy psychology, and other complementary therapies.


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