Emotional and Mental Distress

Worry & Concern - Anxiety

Are you experiencing repetitive thoughts and unable to stop the chatter in your head?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and feel you that you cannot cope?

Is stress, exhaustion, and feelings of being stuck taking over your life?

Work with me to help you navigate through worry, concern, and anxiety

Low Mood - Depression

Are you feeling despondent, and generally upset due to low mood? 

Are you feeling pressurised because you have too much to do and you are unable to meet your deadlines? 

Are you unable to enjoy the family time because there is nothing to look forward to? 

Work with me to help you navigate through low mood?


Are you constantly triggered leading to you feeling upset and unable to pinpoint the reason?

Is there a fear that you are unable to label but have a feeling it is associated with a past event? 

Do feel you have experienced a loss that has left you in shock and isolation.

Do you feel there was a misuse of power in a previous relationship?

Work with me to help you navigate through your trauma to come through the other end.

Fear and Phobia

Are you constantly scared and fearful?

Are you afraid and you do not know why? 

Work with me to help you navigate through your fears and phobias.

Who do I work with?

I work with anyone who is willing to be courageous to change and/or accept their current state to lead happier lives.

We as humans have the discernment to choose what is beneficial for us together we explore how you can lead a life that makes you the best version of yourself.

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