There does come a time in everyone’s life when we go through a wobble. This may be a temporary one, where we need to ground ourselves, feel centred and aligned again. Alternatively it may be that, we need to give more time to our inner self to investigate what is happening.


Self confidence has to do with our own self image. How do we perceive ourselves? When we look in the mirror do we see ourselves for who we are, or are we a projection of others expectations from us, or as an embodiment of our own expectations of ourselves.  These are deep questions and perhaps it may be worthwhile to journal these and see where it takes us.


The below video on self-worth issues may help reveal what is actually going within your core and what areas you may be need to work on to turn over this corner of crisis of confidence.

If you want to try something gentle you may consider the Bach Flower Remedy Larch which a restorative remedy to help you with you the crisis of confidence. You can take two drops directly under your tongue or you dilute it in water and sip it though out the day. Alternatively you could dilute in a 30ml bottle with spring water and take four drops four times a day.  You can get the above Bach Flowers Remedy Bottle from Boots, Holland & Barret or online through Amazon.

Dr Bach the founder of the 38 Bach Flower Remedies wrote about Larch in his book the ‘The Twelve Healers and the Other Remedies’ – “For those who do not consider themselves as good or capable as those around them, who expect failure, who feel that they will never be a success, and so do not venture or make a strong enough attempt to succeed.”

There are a total of 38 remedies which address each human emotion so the lack of confidence may also be due to a named fear so Mimlus is another Bach Flower Remedy that may help. The below video explains the Bach Flower Remedies in more depth. I offer Bach Flower Remedies consultations and remedies by post too, so feel free to contact me. 


If you have a tendency is to be too hard on yourself it may be that your inner critic requires taming then encapsulate yourself with love and kindness which is what I covered in my previous blog. However, if the inner chatter is incessant you may consider registering on my ‘Remove the Mask of your Inner Critic’ program. You will find more information below. Also the Bach Flower Rock Water will help too to be kind to yourself.

Register on this free event on Monday 22nd June at 8pm

We often are self-critical about our own behavior and tend to be hard on ourselves. As it were not enough to be judged by others we tend to sit on judgment on ourselves. Whilst we may appear kind and compassionate towards others we usually adopt a harsher attitude towards ourselves. I will be offering 21 days of meditation/visualisations and self-help tools based on acceptance commitment & compassionate therapy, emotional freedom technique and other complementary therapies beginning on the 6th of July 2020. This is an opportunity to find more, ask questions, and engage in relaxation techniques.