“In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.”
Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful journeys of womanhood and it comes with its own challenges. So, let me invite you to be gentle with yourself.


Allow yourself to be enveloped in the love and kindness that you would like to nurture your baby with. Treat yourself with the same respect and dignity you want your child to be surrounded by. Start looking after yourself and ground in self-trust and belief.


The more time you spend creating firm foundations of this beautiful relationship with your unborn child, the easier it will become when you see him/her face to face. This unique time that your baby is in your womb, physically this is the closest time you will be with your child. So invest time in talking to your baby, creating this unbreakable bond which will the basis of your future.


You are breathing for two. Use your power of discernment to choose where you place your time and attention during the time of your pregnancy. Yes, there are certain things that you need to accomplish, the daily chores and the fulfilment of your responsibilities. Yet in the middle of it all, create a sanctuary just for you and your baby.


I have created a few products where you can learn the best ways to support yourself during your pregnancy.  One of them is an interview series with a wonderful retired midwife who has had a lot of experience in birthing many children. I’ve also created Harmony in Birth where I share breathing techniques and other tools to help you establish harmony during your pregnancy and birth. Beauty in Pregnancy and Birth is a collection of visualisations and hynobirthing audios that you can listen and download to help you relax during pregnancy and prepare you for birth. You can also work with me one to one where I can guide you through your future birth reimprinting and recording you a personalised visualisation of your ideal birth. Do tune in to any of the these. Allow yourself to be surrounded in love and kindness today and always so that you give your unborn child the best welcome in this world.

Arty is a wonderful teacher, within a few moments she was able to make me feel at ease and comfortable for the session.

She has a calming presence and was able to draw out my concerns and fear ahead of my birth, enabling me to focus on my strengths and empower me to concentrate on the birth I want to have.

I didn’t know what to expect from Hypnobirthing but if ever there was a time anyone would benefit from this it would be now. During this pandemic I have been anxious to become a first time mother with limited support compared to what would have been available in normal circumstances. However with Arty’s help I feel prepared to welcome my child into a calm environment and empowered that I can do this!

Jodie Nagra