About Me

Arty Amarisa BSc Psychology

You Deserve to Feel Great. I’m Here to Help.

Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for you recognising the connection between your mind and body.  This is a stepping stone on your journey of self development. 

My purpose is to work alongside you and be a source of motivation and courage on this process of inner accomplishment. The approach I use is evidence based and holistic with the aim for you to expand into your full potential.

My Background

My birth town is Gran Canaria a small island which is part of the Canary Islands.  My ethnic roots are India, my dad was brought up in Suez Canal, Eygpt and my mother in Chennai, India. Being an only child I was loved immensely yet carried the responsibility live up to the expectations of my parents specially my father who suffered from undiagnosed vascular dementia since my childhood.  Most of my life I felt I carried the heavy burden over my shoulders. 


I came to the UK with a group of friends and studied in boarding school in another costal town Eastbourne for a couple of years. Since then I completed a 1st class degree in Psychology and an MSc in International Securities, Investment and Banking. I fulfilled my father’s dream and worked in the city for five years within International Asset Management Compliance in London. So I am really good making rules, writing procedures and breaking them too! I also gathered another five years of retail and commercial banking experience when I moved to Birmingham in a national building society.  I responded to my calling of helping others which was the reason I pursed my degree in Psychology and I retrained in coaching and complimentary health which I have been practicing since 2005 and teaching since 2016. 


My Story

There are two major events that transformed my life, I gave birth to my still baby daughter Alma at 20 weeks and I lost my father exactly 8 weeks later, same day same time.  After these life changing events, I’m still standing with my head up high.  Yes, there have been times that I could not feel the ground beneath my feet, but instead of falling I learned to fly.   This made me realise that I’m emotionally resilient and my calling in life is to help others build their own innate strength.  A day does not go by that I do not remember the ones who I have lost yet grief has propelled me to give birth to Positive Harmony Psychology. I believe through psychology which is learning about your own self, you can make subtle changes to experience harmony in your lives.  When you start living a life aligned to your values you realise that you are much lighter, positive and happier.  What else can you ask for during this short sojourn of human life?

My Approach & Philosophy

My beliefs are rooted strongly on evidence-based experience.  Whilst I am continuously studying and keeping up to date with the current research, there is no substitute to one’s your own experience underpinned by science.  The techniques I share with others are backed by scientific research through clinical trials and / or published anecdotal evidence.


I strongly believe in the power of nature, simplicity and your own mind to help you be healthier both physically and mentally.  Being a vegan, another being’s suffering cannot be the basis of my pleasure.  I get pleasure in making others happy  from a platform of empathy, honesty and integrity.   Above all my purpose is to be your mirror to reflect back parts of you that you are not aware off. This awareness is a catalyst in your own journey of self-development. I do not give answers to your existential questions (no one can) however I create the space for inner transformation to occur which consequently helps you live a happier life inside out.

My gift to you – Allow yourself to be you

We often are so saturated with responsibilities others impose on ourselves that we forget to live our own lives. To top it all up we too tend to impose our own restrictions upon our self too which creates an additional weight on our colossal burden.


Accept my initiation to free yourself. Untie the knots that bind you to please others and start the process of living your life in harmony with your values.


Ask yourself what makes your heart sing? What are your inner most desires and do they match your value?  Is it really what you want? If the answer is yes, then allow yourself to go with the flow. 


Work with me to create the foundation of your launch pad based on your values and beliefs so you can soar the heights of prosperity.

Why am I here

I invite you to discover yourself. 


How ?

Using evidence-based tools which have helped a multitude of people on the journey of self development.


Why ?

To help you live a fulfilled life. Living a purposeful life helps one flourish in this earthly existence.  



As soon as you want – now – the present moment – this is all that exists.  The past, you have no control over and future is a figment of your imagination

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