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During Corona Virus Pandemic we are offering all our services online so that we are fulfilling our duty in keeping everyone safe and healthy.  These sessions are equally as effective if not better due to the current situation.  More than ever we need to support each other and be a source of comfort, clarity, and calmness.

Please do get in touch with me on how we can work together on your wellbeing journey.  

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Arty Amarisa

Courage Coaching for Adults & Children

Discover the Silver Lining in Everything

One to One sessions, Packages & Group Workshops 

Available online, at your workplace, at school or in my clinic in Birmingham. 

    Acceptance Commitment Therapy

    Do you feel stuck and at a crossroad, overwhelmed at what to do next? Acceptance Commitment Therapy firstly harnesses the human capability to accept present circumstances.  Secondly it helps one develop different practical and simple techniques to live your life in alignment with your values.

    Bach Flower Remedies

    The Bach flower remedies may help you over come day to day issues such as anxiety, stress, difficulty sleeping, feeling overwhelmed by responsibilities, feeling low and fear in a safe and natural way.  In the 1920s and 1930s Dr Edward Bach, a well-known bacteriologist, physician and pathologist discovered the Bach remedy system.  Bach flower remedies consist of 38 remedies that address negative states of mind to help you control and balance your emotions and gain peace of mind. Dr Bach stimulated that physical illnesses was a result of imbalance within our minds.  So the key is to treat the mind so that the physical body can heal.   


    The central theme of the Bach flower essences is simplicity so it is all pervading  There is simplicity in the way the remedies are made (sun and boiling method) and the way you take the remedies.   Simplicity is important to Dr Bach so that the remedies are available to everyone. If they were complicated not everyone would be able to use them.  In today’s world there is so much complexity in our day to day life so Dr Bach wanted to maintain the simplicity through these remedies.  In Dr Bach’s words to Nora Weeks, ‘I want it to be as simple as this, I am hungry, I will go and pull a lettuce from the garden for my tea; I am frightened and ill, I will take a dose of Mimulus.

    Compassionate Mind Training

    Compassion Training Skills aims to share specific skills to build your inner resources of wisdom and compassion. The main area of focus is to realise the discomfort one is going through and making a commitment to alleviate it.  The techniques used are soothing breathing, mindfulness, visualisation and building compassionate attention, behaviour, feeling and thinking.

    Emotional Freedom Technique

    Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is a combination of exposure and cognitive therapy to reduce the intensity of the negative emotions you experience with the aim to increase our well being and peace of mind Are you going through anger, resentment, fear, phobias, lack of confidence?  These are just a few examples where EFT can restore emotional balance.  

    Matrix Reimprinting

    Matrix Reimprinting consists of EFT based techniques together with additional tools from the sciences of Quantum physics and Epigenetics and also from new technologies and theories such as Heartmath and Meta-Medicine. The purpose of this technique is to change your relationship with the past that consequently transforms your physical and emotional health in the present.  The foundation of Matrix Reimprting is similar to inner child work without identifying with the trauma.

    Transform chaos into calm
    Transform confusion into clarity
    Transform fear into freedom
    Transform stress into serenity

    How Can I Help?

    Individual Therapy – Work with me deeper

    One to one sessions are for deeper work to clear trauma, discovering limited beliefs and blocks. A combination of tools will be used to suit your needs. 

    Courage for Transformation

    Learn techniques to be able to detach from negative thinking to lift your mood and develop a loving and kind relationship wtih yourself. 

    Psychological Flexibility

    Build strong healthy bounddaries to live a life aligned to your values.

    Fully Fertile Flow

    Let us work together to help you achieve  fertile optimum state.

    Harmony in Birth

    Share empowering tools of Bach Flower Remedies,  Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnobirthing and Pregnancy Yoga to aspire towards your ideal birth.

    Group Sessions – Circles & Workshops

    When we get together with the intention of working in a group we experience a multitude of benefits. I run regular circles and one-off sessions on the below themes. 

    Being Guided Gracefully through Gratitude

    Using the power of gratitude to set your intentions to live gracefully.

    Being Fully Fertile

    Join a supportive group of women who listen in a nonjudgmental manner to help you feel empowered on your journey of womanhood.

    Journey of Self Development through the Bach Flower Remedies

    Learn about how the beauties and simplicities of nature can guide you on your path of self awareness.

    Picture Tapping Technique for children and adults

    Learn mindfulness and tapping tools to help you and your child experience calmness and clarity to experience happiness, peace & contentment.

    Self Help Tools – Podcast & Vblog

    There is an abundance of material available through the youtube channel and podcast.  There is a combination of self-help tools, interviews with professionals and visualisations.


    Here are some interesting topics that are written to inspire you to reflect upon and take take when appropriate to improve your wellbeing. 


    Arty Amarisa is a youtube channel where you will learn different self help tools to discover the silver lining in everything. You will also hear some inspirational interviews with experts and professionals. 


    Fortress of Fortitude is podcast which covers interesting topics to help you feel protected nurtured within. 

    Quotes and Poems

    Word are a poor descirption of the innermost feelings we experience.  However this is a humble attempt to share some inspiration.


    There is a collection of articles which discsuss the underlying evidence and scientific research behind the tools during the sessions. 

    How it works?

    What Can I help With?

    Worry & Concern - Anxiety

    Flourishing Fertilty

    Fear and Phobia

    Low Mood - Depression

    Harmony in Birth


    Baby Loss

    Emotional Upheaval

    Arty Amarisa BSc(Psychology)

    Arty is a Qualified Courage Coach and Woman’s Health Holistic Practitioner. She has over 15 years of experience in complementary and psychological techniques with a first-class degree in Psychology.    She is the Director of the Fertile Body Method facilitating fertility training to health professionals.  

    Arty is a member of EFT and Mindfulness Centre, EFT International, Fertile Body Method, Association of Reflexologists, Association of Reproductive Reflexologists and the Bach Flower International Register. She is constantly attending courses and keeping her knowledge up to date.

    I’d Love to Help


    EFT Session


    “I booked the session because I was having some issues with work and home life. The session was absolutely wonderful- Arty is so kind and thoughtful she is really able to narrow down to the source of the issue. Arty is very professional with real care for the art of EFT and practical parts of client care. I felt that I was in good hands- Arty’s confidence and capability ensured I was confident of the results from the start and I was able to work on sensitive issues. After the session My issue was resolved and life went forward with more light and ease. Keep up the good work. Love your style.”


    Beatriz – Sales Manager


    Mindfulness Group Participant

    “I wanted an understanding of mindfulness and attended the online mindfulness cognitive therapy course.   It was a very interesting course, excellent reading material for homework. Easy to follow.  The practitioner’s knowledge and professionalism is 5 star.  Arty is very warm, clearly extremely knowledgeable and has a wonderful way of teaching with kindness and a sense of humour. The sessions exceeded my expectations.   Arty has a giving caring personality which permeates through the computer screen!“


    Alice – Health Practitioner


    Bach Flower Remedies Consultation

    I found it surprising that the Bach Flower Remedy that Arty selected for me worked so quickly and effectively. After just a few days, on reflecting, I found that all my worries and concerns seem to have evaporated into thin air! Arty is so easy to talk to, and so accepting of anything one might say that along with her skill and experience, she was able to suggest the exact right combination of remedies. The emotions which can cause us such grief, and which can be so debilitating, I have found, thanks to Arty’s help, can be tamed and kept in their place with Bach Flower Remedies.

    Dr Jan Ensum

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